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WuHongLin creative art studio folk art performance (including Chinese folk handicraft performance, Chinese folk handicraft) performance project: dough figurines, seal cutting, soft pottery, portrait, palm fibre weaving, painting, kites, shadow, cartoon, egg painting, pyrography, charcoal, oil painting, porcelain painting, blow picture, sugar painting, bone carving, clay figurine, microscopic carvings, Egg decorating , stone carving, woodcarving, stone- shadow carving , launched, root carving, relief, the paper-cut, silhouette, artful ring, embroidery, tattoo, Opera styles of makeup, blow sugar-coated figurine, cotton candy, Chinese knot, the cross embroider, balloon knot, farmer paints, mini bicycle, Cucurbit flute , zoetrope , ice-sugar gourd, signature design, Wire calligraphy, lacquer art, l Dragon And Phoenix calligraphy, poems the name of the, Q son paper-cut, etc., these project summary of the Chinese national folk stunt all skills, given the modern packaging and modern art processing, can reflect fashionable, do not break again classic lasting appeal, is a rare gifts.
wProject, suitable for all types of enterprises and institutions, hotels, schools, celebrations, commercial celebration, press releases, conference team, cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony, real estate based, building opening capped, wedding etiquette, birthday party, party party, community check-in, customer acknowledge and so on activity performance, gathering popularity, increase the lively atmosphere, is of far-reaching significance.